Northwest Remediation

Cleaning Up & Re-Using Contaminated Properties

May 2, 2024

Greater Tacoma Convention Center

The Northwest Remediation Conference brings together cleanup professionals, regulators, and property owners to share the latest knowledge and best practices, build relationships, and connect you and your clients to the region’s top remediation service and technical solution providers.
2024 Featured Keynote Panels

Puget Sound Sediments Cleanup Update

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of remediating sediment sites. Recent detailed reviews of completed Puget Sound sediment remediation projects have revealed mixed effectiveness at reducing risks. While sediment remediation reduces contaminant exposure in areas with relatively high concentrations, at lower levels sediment linkages with human health and environmental risks diminish. In addition, upland and shoreline source controls have rapidly reduced risks and have been more effective than broad-scale sediment remediation. Hear an update on how these lessons are being used to improve the outcomes of sediment remediation.

The Port of Olympia is conducting planning and investigation for a large-scale cleanup of Budd Inlet, covering hundreds of acres in the southernmost arm of Puget Sound. Cleanup will require coordination between local, state, federal, and tribal partners to meet multiple objectives of restoring protective sediments and habitat, maintaining navigability, and improving public access to water. Panelists will discuss the complex nature of this large-scale marine sediment cleanup project and how collaborators are coming together to ensure the project will benefit the environment, the economy, and the Olympia community.

Ryen Godwin (Moderator)


Clay Patmont

Anchor QEA

Tasya Gray

Principal Geologist
Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand (DOF)

Rob Webb

Principal Engineer
Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand (DOF)

Jonathan Wolf

Budd Inlet Project Manager
Port of Olympia

PFAS in the Northwest

This interactive session will include expert discussion of PFAS sites in the Pacific Northwest, including updates on emerging state and federal PFAS regulations. Panelists will share multiple perspectives on challenges and opportunities associated with PFAS remediation, and how the rapidly evolving regulatory environment and technical understanding of PFAS science are impacting industries and cleanup sites in the Northwest today. Attendees will learn about the latest developments in PFAS remediation and gain a deeper understanding of approaches to PFAS cleanup at regional sites.

Courtney Savoie (Moderator)

Senior Hydrogeologist
Maul Foster & Alongi

Brianna Brinkman

Environmental Engineer / Site Manager
Washington State Department of Ecology

Robert Healy

Senior Manager, Environmental Programs
Port of Tacoma

David Rabbino

Jordan Ramis

Chris Woodruff

Co-Founder & COO

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